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Granite Tile Production : Polishing & Dimensioning

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Granite Tile Production (1)

Granite Tile Calibration Machine

The first process after the granite strip leaves the saw is one of cleaning and calibrating. This also removes any slurry (wet dust) and saw marks from the strip face and back.

It is at this stage that the decision for the surface finish has to be made since we offer granite tiles in polished, honed, flamed, leather, brushed and sand-blasted finish.

The most popular surface finish is a high gloss, mirror-like, polish, this shows-off the natural colours and veining to the material's best effect.

Granite Tile Production (2) Granite Tile Polishing Machine

After the strips are ready, the start of the lengthy process commences. This is the beginning of the polishing and final calibration of the tiles prior to inspection, then packing before shipping to the customer.

The machine cuts the strip to the correct length and bevels/chamfers the tile edges automatically and also, at the same time, cuts two grooves in the back of the tile if required.

If only free length strips are required two long edges are bevelled and, if required, two grooves cut in the back.

Granite Tile Production (3) Granite Tile Machine

Here the tiles are polished and calibrated by the machine to the right of this picture. The unit requires several highly-skilled workers to maintain its constant operation and to provide the input necessary for each individual job that it undertakes.

Typical examination inspection checks would be the depth of polish and the calibration measurements for thickness and dimensions.

For large project orders this production line can be operated 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, for maximum output and efficiency.

Granite Tile Production (4) Granite Tile Inspection Image

After the tiles have been polished and calibrated by our specialised machines, they are visually checked for any flaws that may have occurred during production.

We use this checking system to provide feedback across all production processes. It allows us to maintain our high standards of quality and also provide important information for our engineers who service the machines regularly.

If any tile does not pass inspection it can easily be processed through the machine again.

Granite Tile Production (5) Granite Tile Finishing & Inspection

When the tiles have been inspected and certified as "Approved", then they are stacked in piles, face to face, back to back, ready to be packed into polyethylene for protection before they are moved to the packaging area and then onto containers ready for shipping.

Each tile will have an individual inspection approval mark on its rear and duly noted in a ledger should any customer have a query.

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