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Classic & Exotic Granites & Quartzites

Premium, Standard & Commercial natural stones at prices you can work with processed in India.

Granite Slabs : Gangsawn & Cutter
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You can view two inspection videos at our Indian factory of Absolute Black & Black Galaxy granite slabs.
Since the 1960s we have been producing granite slabs with a variety of finishes and thicknesses for cladding or flooring dimensioned to your requirements, random slabs or paving for large exterior projects. Many of the materials on this website are processed at two processing plants in India, one near to Chennai and the other close to Bengaluru (Bangalore). Since the mid 1970s we have had continuing long-term working relationships with several of Carrara's (Italy) world-renown specialist factories. We have many different granite surface finishes suitable for all commercial & domestic projects. Furthermore we can also supply monument thickness slabs alongside our well-established premium quality memorial production.

Absolute Black Granite Guide

To assist all potential black granite purchasers we have produce an Absolute Black Granite Guide.

Granite Countertops : Freelength & Bespoke
We have been producing granite countertops since the early 1990s and were most probably the first Indian granite company to do so. For the supply of non-Indian granite colours shown on our granite samples page we have a tie-up with one of Bengaluru 's leading quality granite producers who can supply many different materials, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate & travertine, please request prices via our Contact Page.

Are you considering a "black" granite countertop? Here are some Facts to consider about your Absolute Black Granite countertops purchase. Are you wondering what is the difference, if any, between bespoke and prefabricated granite countertops? A stunning and stylish Absolute Black granite kitchen provides elegance and adds value.

Details about Full Container Loads (FCLs) of prefabricated granite countertops are available in most granite colours. We always recommend a factory inspection visit either to Chennai or Bengaluru to scrutinise our extremely high levels of production quality.

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Granite Projects : To Design
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Over the decades we have been involved with many projects using various granites such as Japan's Haneda airport shown here using our own Indian TJI Red granite. It is quite normal for us to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) should one be required. Our tie-up with China allows us the huge scope to offer alternative natural stone products to complement the already wide range of granites we can supply.

Granite Tiles : Standard & Specials
Our Pedrini granite tile line was commissioned in the early 1980s and was the first successful volume production Indian granite tile factory. With a monthly capacity in excess of 10,000 square metres, we are able to supply premium quality granite tiles for all projects.

Our granites are only supplied in Full Container Loads (FCLs) however the tile sizes may be mixed to suit your project requirements. Various surface finishes are produced including high gloss, honed, leather, river washed, flamed or brushed. Much more information is available here. Our Indian factory only processes Indian granites, all other stones are processed in both China & Italy, pricing may be requested via our Contact Page.

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