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Granite Tile Factory Granite Tile Factory Image

The picture to the left shows a view of our purose-built granite tile processing factory close to Chennai, India.

This was first commissioned in the early 1980s and was the first Pedrini tile plant within India to achieve successful quantity production.

From its very beginning our commitment to the local ecology and continual recycling of valuable water resources was paramount and continues to this day.

Granite Tile Saws Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

As you can see, our tile saws are very large. These saws are capable of taking rough blocks and cutting them to various dimensions. The dimensions are tackled both vertically and horizontally since the machine is capable of sawing on both axes.

Since granite is such a hard stone to both cut and polish, the steel saw blades are tipped with industrial diamonds for accuracy, economy and longer life.

We only use our own recycled water as a coolant. This produces a far superior product to those who use kerosene to extend diamond life.

Granite Tile Saws Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

Here is a general view of one of the larger tile saws that we use to produce our 610mm 24" wide) range of tiles.

Owing to the great demand for our exclusive colours, granite tiles are normally produced to specific customer requirement orders only.

To view our range of popular colours please click here, this will take you to our materials page.

Granite Tile Saw Granite Tile Sawing Equipment

Here the tile saw is preparing for action. Large volumes of water are used to aid the cutting process which is pumped away from the tile cutting plant to our recycling plant which we have close by on site.

This lowers the burden on the local water system and increases our efficiency whilst maintaining our environmentally friendly ethos.

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