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Granite Facts & Myths

Firstly, it must be stressed that not all granites are "true" granites however for commercial purposes they are grouped together. There are a lot of spurious claims made about granite on the World Wide Web, here are some of them.

1. Myth - Granite is scratch proof.
Fact - Whilst granite is a very hard natural stone it can be accidentally scratched by other stones, especially sandstones or grains of sand, diamond rings, tungsten-tipped knives, possibly very sharp-pointed instruments and scouring pads with abrasive powders are particularly notorious.

Granite flooring/tiles in high foot-traffic areas need to be regularly maintained to avoid their surfaces going dull.

2. Myth - All granites must be sealed for countertops use.
Fact - Many black gabbro granites are impossible to seal since their grains are so tightly packed. Only by testing the black granite is it possible to ascertain whether or not it can be sealed. Many light-coloured granites may need sealing for countertop use since their grain formation is less tightly-packed and the petrographical formation make absorption more likely to various liquids. Many Brazilian and Indian lighter-coloured granites fall into this category. If a granite does require sealing, ensure it is done correctly and periodically maintained.

Trying to seal a granite that does not need a sealer will only lead to a residue film build-up making the surface look hazy. This can be removed.

3. Myth - Granite contains radon gas.
Fact - Blatantly a false scare marketing claim made by granite "competitors"! In 2008 the largest study of granite countertops finds no stones that pose health threat.

4. Myth - Granite is man-made in a factory.
Fact - There are many large granite processing factories around the world however granite does not come from a factory mould! Each piece is uniquely unique.

5. Myth - Granite is only found in mountainous regions.
Fact - Granite is found all over the world in many countries. Many different granite samples may be viewed here.

6. Myth - Granite can stain.
Fact - Granite is extremely stain-resistant however accidents do happen and any spillages should be mopped-up quickly. Usually all that will be required is a sponge and warm water but do note that acidic liquids such as citrus fruits, juices or red wine, vinegar, various vegetables and any type of oil may stain however these stains may be removed by applying a poultice. Great Care must be taken if doing this yourself.

7. Myth - All black granites are the same.
Fact - Nothing could be further from the truth. Please read our Absolute Black Granite article here to learn much more.

8. Myth - Quartzite is the same as granite.
Fact - Quartzite is a natural stone, it is a very hard metamorphosed sandstone many of which can take a high level of polish however it is not an igneous rock.

Quartzites should not be confused with man-made quartz, an engineered stone, which is generally 93-95% crushed natural rocks mixed with 5-7% of polymer resin as a binding agent. It may also be known as Solid Surface.

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