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Black Galaxy Granite Sample

Black Galaxy Granite Usage

Whilst Black Galaxy is used for many, many kitchen countertop projects and bathroom vanity tops the overwhelming majority of Black Galaxy is processed into calibrated tiles, paving or construction projects. Obviously a polished surface is the most common surface finish to bring out the best colours in the granite plus the glossy surface gives a great contrast to all types of accessories such as taps, sinks or cabinet door handles. Black Galaxy is also suitable for flamed (thermal), honed, river-washed, leather and brushed finishes. To learn more about these please go here.

Black Galaxy Granite Durability

It is very hard-wearing, very durable and highly moisture resistant with a low maintenance cost however when used as a flooring material in high traffic areas, like all flooring materials, it can be subject to scratching from road and pavement dust and the worst of all is sand dust and that will have an effect on any surface!

Black Galaxy Granite Quarry Location

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Black Galaxy granite is undoubtedly one of the world's most popular and successful granites and has been exported to every continent. The quarrying area is approximately 350 km north of Chennai where one would find about 50 Galaxy quarries but not all operate 12 months of the year. Extraction at the original Black Galaxy granite quarry commenced in the very early 1980s.

The quarries vary hugely in size and production levels, granite blocks suitable for gangsaw size down to economical tile-sized and monument blocks are usually readily available however for commercial projects it is important to ensure that blocks are selected from the same quarry face, we must repeat, DO NOT try and match-up with alternative Black Galaxy granite sources.

Black Galaxy Granite Inspection

We can accommodate any inspection service whether be it yourselves or a suitably qualified independent company.

Our inspection is included in the slab cost whereas an independent company may charge upwards of USD 300.00 for this service. It is very important to note that any independent company needs to be fully briefed as to your expectations since they are normally very experienced with this type of work and understand the Black Galaxy Granite agreed standards.

Black Galaxy Granite Inspection Video

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